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Preventative maintenance

Safeguard your equipment with our regular, preventative services.

Quarterly, twice yearly and annual preventative services.

Quarterly, twice yearly and annual preventative services.


All air conditioning and refrigeration systems require regular maintenance to prevent breakdowns. Below is a list of areas that should be regularly maintained to prevent frustrating breakdowns.

Dirty Condensers

A dirty condenser can result in high discharge temperatures and pressure, forcing stress on the compressor resulting in longer run times and a higher use of electricity. High discharge temperatures can also result in high bearing temperatures on condenser fan motors, ultimately seizing.

Refrigerant (gas) loss

If a system is short of gas it causes stress on all components, particularly the compressor as it causes it to overheat and ultimately burn out. The refrigeration system works harder causing electrical inefficiencies as it strives to reach design temperatures.

Dirty and Blocked Return Air Filters

If your air conditioner filter/heater filter is blocked by particles and other foreign bodies it will run less efficiently as the unit is forced to work harder to push air through. Dirt and air pollutants can damage your health and damage the equipment, requiring expensive repair or replacement of the system

Dirty and Blocked Drains

Drains that haven’t been cleaned or cleared will overflow and result in water damage to your ceiling and possible electrical hazards.

Systems Vibration

Noisy air conditioning and refrigeration units can conflict with environmental noise standards and annoy neighbours, residents and workers.