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Safeguard your equipment with our preventative services.

Quarterly, twice yearly and annual preventative services.

Quarterly, twice yearly and annual preventative services.


All air conditioning and refrigeration systems require regular maintenance to prevent breakdowns. Below is a list of areas that should be regularly maintained to prevent frustrating breakdowns.

Dirty Condensers

A dirty condenser can result in high discharge temperatures and pressure, creating stress on the system resulting in longer run times and a higher use of energy (electricity).

Refrigerant (gas) loss

A system short of refrigerant causes undue stress on all components causing the system to overheat and ultimately fail, causing loss-of-trade and costly repairs.

Dirty and Blocked Return Air Filters

Often, air conditioning filters are blocked by particles and other foreign bodies creating undue stress on your system – including longer run times and increased energy (electricity) output. Dirt and air pollutants can damage your health and equipment, requiring expensive repair or replacement.

Dirty and Blocked Drains

Drains that haven’t been cleaned or cleared are usually full of bacteria, dirt and grime.  A dirty/block drain will eventually overflow and result in damage to the immediate installation area and create dangerous electrical hazards.

Systems Vibration

Noisy air conditioning and refrigeration units can conflict with environmental noise standards, annoy workers, neighbours and residents. Undue noise and vibration can also lead to multiple system failures, creating costly repairs.

Prompt, 24/7 breakdown service with some replacement parts available.

We'll keep you running with 24/7 emergency breakdown support.

We’ll keep you running with 24/7 emergency breakdown support.

Breakdowns can leave your business vulnerable to anything from loss of stock, loss of trade and uncomfortable (working) conditions. We provide a 24-hour, 7-Day Emergency Service, which gives our clients, peace of mind that repairs to their equipment will happen promptly.

Our technicians and contractors not only travel with equipment and common parts, but have direct access to suppliers for additional parts to repair breakdowns (24/7).