Commercial Refrigeration

Whether it be large or small, our commercial refrigeration team can fix your cold room, or sort out your drainage leakage problem.

Are you having temperature spikes? unreliable sensor readings? reporting problems? we also address those and give you the right recommendation for the job.

Allfrige Solutions provides prompt, knowledgeable service for commercial refrigeration services in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We are a commercial refrigeration service like no other, factoring in speed, efficiency and customer service so you can rest assured that we have your back. Our technicians are extremely experienced and knowledgeable, with the best cutting edge training, techniques and tools.

Our speciality is commercial refrigeration. Whether you’re a cold storage business, relying on your refrigeration working at all times to run your business, or a hospitality establishment using commercial fridges and freezers to store sensitive items like meat, fish and dairy, we’ve got you covered. If you are a florist keeping flowers fresh, a factory using refrigeration to produce your product or a butcher using a cold room to store your meat – we can sort out all your refrigeration requirements and maintenance.

All types of commercial refrigeration fall under our vast experience. We are a local business and understand the beat of the city and its surrounding areas. We know Brisbane business, customers and competitors, and we want to help you keep your commercial refrigeration running smoothly.

Our dedicated mobile technicians specialise in on-site commercial refrigeration service and repairs anywhere in Brisbane

WHat WE do

At Allfrige Solutions we service commercial refrigeration on regular basis and provide emergency repair when necessary. We don’t just want to be your once-off repair service. We want to form a lasting customer relationship that will give us the opportunity to learn more about your business needs. We specialise in a wide variety of businesses including hotels, pubs, bakeries and butchers. If you have an emergency breakdown, we can provide assistance as soon as possible. Our technicians have mobile service vehicles that can reach you at your business. We know all types of commercial refrigeration, whether you have cold rooms, ice machines, freezer rooms, beer chillers, cold storage, water chillers or air dryers, we will know exactly what to do.


If you want back-of-house freezers, front-of-house refrigeration, industrial water chillers or commercial air dryers, we have the expertise to manage your refrigeration installation to the highest standards. We are experts with commercial cool rooms, cold storage, commercial ice machines industrial beer chillers and much, much more.


Allfrige Solutions understands the importance of refrigeration for your business objectives and that issues with your refrigeration can result in staff overtime, food wastage and unhappy customers. This is why we offer 24/7 emergency cover for problems that need to be fixed immediately.


Regular maintenance is extremely important for your commercial refrigeration. It means you can catch problems early, avoid breakdowns and increase the lifespan of your refrigeration units. We only send qualified, honest and helpful technicians to manage maintenance regularly, so you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your commercial refrigeration is well managed.


Design is the most important part of any refrigeration project. At Allfrige Solutions we design your commercial refrigeration for the exact conditions it will be operating in. This is crucial in Queensland, as high ambient temperature have a direct effect on the life span of your commercial refrigeration. Send us your plans or give us a call to help guide you through your next project.